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Commercial Market Outlook 2019 – 2038

As we developed our latest Commercial Market Outlook, we see continued opportunities for product innovation, fleet productivity and network expansion as this dynamic industry continues to evolve.

From our first published market forecast in 1961, the number of commercial operators we forecast has increased to nearly 200 and passenger traffic has grown by a factor of nearly 70. More recently, since 2000, the global airline network has expanded 2.5 times, while industry innovation and productivity have enabled travelers to fly for nearly 40 percent lower average fares in real terms.

A dedicated team here at Boeing pores over reams of economic, airline, travel, and fleet data annually to project new airplane demand during the next 20 years. After more almost 60 years of publishing, the Boeing Commercial Market Outlook remains the industry standard as one of the longest-published and most accurate forecasts in commercial aviation.

On behalf of the team of Boeing experts who analyze and compile the market forecast each year, we invite you to see how the tremendous market demand will play out in different regions of the world and across various product and services segments.

This year we increased the interactive data visualizations to provide even more insight and context to our forecast. You will find enhanced detail on fleet and traffic for each region of the world. The workbook below also includes the outlook for the services and air cargo markets. Navigate the storyboard tabs and hover or click on the graphics to interact with the workbook for a detailed look at the future of the aviation market.

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Download the CMO Mobile App

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  • Completely redesigned functionality and layout with our outlook for commercial airplanes and services, including air cargo
  • 20-year forecast for passenger and freighter airplane deliveries, fleet growth, traffic demand, airplane and services market value
  • Navigate the interactive visuals showing how region fleets and passenger traffic will grow by airplane segment and traffic flow
  • Compare the outlook by region including commentary and metrics